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Resilient Seated Concentric Butterfly Valve

  • Size: 2″-60″
  • Pressure Rating: 150-300 LB
  • Body: Carbon iron, Cast steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
  • Seat: PTFE, BUNA-N, EPDM
  • End: Wafer, Lug, Flange
  • Operation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric
  • Design & Manufacture Standard: API 609
  • Face to Face: API609, BS EN 558, DIN3202,ISO 5752
  • End Connection: DIN, BS, UNI, ISO, ANSI, AS, JIS
  • Test Standard: API598

Product Description

  • Pin through One-Piece Shaft
  • Concentric Disc
  • Phenolic-backed Rubber Seat
  • Bubble Tight Shut Off
  • Low Torque, Long Life Cycle
  • ISO5211 Top Flange

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The resilient butterfly valves are used primarily to stop, start, and control the flow of fluids in pipelines. Resilient seated butterfly valves may be used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Butterfly valves can shut down fluid flows by rotating the disk, so it is perpendicular rather than parallel to the water flow. Formen Valve as the topResilient Seated Concentric Butterfly Valve manufacturer & exporter offers you premium quality wholesale resilient seated butterfly valves, with shipping all around the world.


A resilient seated butterfly valve is a form of pipe that can be used to isolate or control flow. The closing mechanism is the disk which sits in the center of the body of the valve. The shaft attaches the discs to a handle or actuator, which moves via the top of the valve body from the disk. So buy the best wholesaleresilient seated butterfly valves from us today!


China resilient seated butterfly valve comprises a rubber seat between the disk’s outer diameter and the valve’s inner wall. This seat is physically connected to the body of the valve, and in the closed place, the disk has an intrusion fit with the console. Such valves have a successful shutdown and can withstand higher demand. Few common ways through which the seat attaches to the body are cartridge seats, dovetail joint seats, and bonded seats. We stand as the bestresilient seated butterfly supplier of China.

A high-quality resilient seated butterfly valve offers heavy-duty, light-weight, maintenance-free, and lowers cost solutions to high-pressure apps.

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