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How Ball Valves Used In Residential Plumbing System

Posted on: April 22nd, 2020

Valves are used in both industrial and household plumbing. Their function is to change the flow of water, control flow, or shut-off water in the time of an emergency. Valves are considered an essential component of any drainage system. Valves are accessible everywhere in a wide variety of styles, each with a different design and playing a particular role.

The valve is a kind of fitting that permits for regulation, control, and direction of liquids passing through a pipeline. Apart from the direction and regulation of water, these are also used to prevent back flow and regulate water pressure within a system. Valves grants landowners to separate their units of plumbing for maintenance, or shut off a water line when a leak sprout.

They have a wide array of applications in most of the commercial and industrial sectors. Also, in wastewater treatment centers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and automobile production all depend on valves for regulation and direction of fluids and vapors.

Valves are manufactured of different materials such as plastics, lead-free brass, inox press fits, cast iron, and galvanized pipe.

Ball valves are considered the most common types of valves than the other pipes. They regulate a water flow employing a rotational ball positioned in the midpoint of the valve. This ball has a deep core through its midpoint that manages the flow of water.

Residential Application

Ball valves are the most generally used shut-off valve. The ball valves are famous globally for their speed, reliability, and strength. They are extensively used in residential applications to turn the water on and off deprived of a pressure drop. The ball valves made of inox press fittings material generates a robust, watertight seal within the pipe, averting any liquid from escaping. Due to this tight inox seal, they also have applications in natural gas and chemical applications. Ball valves are also perfect for emergency applications where water needs quickly to be shut off and with convenience. The unique design of ball valves lets them avert or alter the flow of liquids through various ports. Because of these multi-ports, water can pass through four different channels.


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