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What are the benefits of using Gate Valves?

Posted on: October 5th, 2018

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The gate valve is the most important part used in piping and an entire plumbing industry. It consists of a body,bonnet, stem, seat (seat rings), hand wheel, and other trim parts. The most distinct part of the gate valve is the sealing of passages by the gate or wedge, and seats.

It can also be used for other types of applications, and suitable for both above ground and underground installation. In plumbing or piping field, it is used to start or stop the flow of liquid, but not for regulating the flow, as the flow path in gate valves gets bigger when you start opening the valve.

A gate or wedge of gate valves moves perpendicular to the flow of the service. Anyhow, if you ever have to choose best gate valves for your industrial project, the best thing is to go for a reliable and reputable gate valve manufacturers.

The gate valves manufacturers in China are bringing new specifications each day to improve workability in distinct industrial applications. There are many other Chinese manufacturers such as DisplayOnLED.com and others are trying hard to offer the high-end products whether in valves market or LED market. It also offers multiple benefits in the field of plumbing such as;

Advantages of Using Gate Valves

Gate valves have proven to be an energy efficient alternative since it consumes less power while opening or closing. This is due to the movement in a direction which lies perpendicular to the media flow direction. Hence, they save both time and energy as compared to global valves

  1. Since it has a straight media channel body, so its also resistant to small fluids. It doesn’t diminish weight which makes it reasonable for pipeline where the stream course may change
  2. Gate valves never decrease pressure, this makes it suitable for pipeline where the flow direction may change
  3. The seal working is very great in this manner, making it less disintegrated while it is open
  4. As contrasted with globe valves, the disintegration of fixing surface is lighter
  5. The overall structure length of gate valves is shorter than globe valves. The valve click lines up with the valve body, hence making the structure length of door valves shorter than globe valves
  6. The seal functioning is quite good thus, making it less eroded while it is open
  7. As compared to globe valves, the erosion of sealing surface is lighter
  8. The valve body is basic and simple to work. It includes a decent throwing process which offers a wide range.


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