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Plug Valves – A Complete Guide For You

Posted on: November 26th, 2020

Plug valves are also known as cocks; they are normally employed for the same full-flow service as gate valves, in a place where quick shutoff of the system is required. They are normally used in steam, water, gas, oil, and other liquid chemical liquid service. Plug valves are not designed for the proper flow. Nevertheless, in some other applications, these are designed

For this purpose and significantly for gas-flow throttling. Plug valves generally can define as repaired or cleaned without requiring the elimination of the body from the piping system. They are available for pressure services from the vacuum of 10000 psi and temperature from 50 to 1500 F. Also, plug valves are present with linings suitable for many different chemical applications.

Plug valves are also present with cylindrical plugs. The cylindrical plugs offered a wide range of larger port openings equal to or bigger than the pipe flow area.

Operating efficiency is equal to or sometimes greater than of gate valves of similar size. The use of multi-port valves is highly beneficial in many installations because it offers simplification of piping and ease in application.

Different types of plug valves

A lubricated plug valve contains a cavity in the middle along the axis of this valve. This cavity ends at the bottom and is fixed with a sealant-injection fitting at the top portion.

Non-lubricated Plug Valves

Non-lubricated plug valves contain a body sleeve, this is installed in the body cavity part of the valve, and the tapered and polished plugs act just like a wedge, and it can press this part against the body. All the Plug valve makers and Suppliers know the high compelling benefits

Advantages of Plug Valves

The following point is best describing the advantage of plug valves:

  1. Non -intricate design with it comes with very few parts.
  2. it can be very frequently open and closed.
  3. Can be serviced and maintained easily.
  4. Offers very small resistance to flow.
  5. Multi-port design eliminates the number of valves required and permits a change in the flow direction.
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