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Welcome To Formen Valve The Leading China API Valve Manufacturer!

Since valves are used in multiple applications throughout the residential, commercial and industrial industries. They are extremely beneficial that several major regulatory organizations provide standards to ensure compatibility, functionality, and safety for users. Among those organizations, the major standard organization is the American Petroleum Institute (API). Being the China API valve manufacturer, the main emphasis is given on test requirements, inspection, and examination.

The API represents the natural gas and oil industry. It produces more than 900 standards, as the basis for quality programs, for the maintenance of the regulations of lubricants, pressure vessels, storage tanks, certification programs, and piping inspectors.

China API valve manufacturer is highly influenced by the API standard so we are following this standard in a manner that is applicable to be used in multiple applications. This is used by people both, nationally and internationally. Effectiveness and speed are ensured.

Many reports are published by API including research reports, environmental and valves procedures, and specifications on pipelines.

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