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Why You Need Press Fittings with Valves?

Posted on: September 16th, 2020

The press-fits make the most secure connections and offer the best piping solutions. Press fittings with valves are essential as it offers you with the convenient and fast installation with high levels of reliability. It makes the most perfect combo that is ideal for several applications of heat, gas, and water. The stronger connections are leak-proof. They can even last up to several years because of its excellent durability. The following points suggest the importance and necessity of the SS Press fittings with valves.

Unique End Caps

Press fittings with the valves make a unique end cap with a size indicator that guarantees that the product is secure from any ingress preceding the installation.

PN16 Rated

Valves are PN16 rated and apt for temperatures -10 to 120C. They are assembled with the ends of press-fit to provide the most efficient connections that work with different temperatures.

Complete Bore End Connectors

End connections are full bore, which maintains the press-fit valve performance.

Parallel Threads

Press fittings are required with the valves because they offer the advantage of reformed parallel threads to improve thread engagement and to guarantee that the valves pass DVGW vibration and EN 331 bend tests.


The O-ring in the press-fit valves and pipes forms leak-tight seals.


Press fittings with the valves are necessary, as their O-rings define the leak paths, which means if there is any unpressed joint, they will point the fail-safe.


The trade professionals know in advance all the details of the press-fits with the valves, such as the detailed dimensions, tolerances, and performance of the entire unit, which helps in its efficient performance.

Preassembled and Tested

Most of the valves are provided preassembled & factory verified, so the number of joints to make on-site is decreased.

Visual Indicator

This press joint with the valves offers a visual indicator.

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