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cast steel gate valve

Cast Steel Gate valve

  • Size: NPS2″-56″
  • Pressure Rating: Class150-2500 LB
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
  • End: BW, RF, RTJ
  • Operation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric
  • Design & Manufacture Standard: API600, API 6D
  • Face to Face: ASME B16.10
  • End Connection: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ASME B16.25
  • Test Standard: API598

Product Description

  • Bolted bonnet, OS&Y, Rising stem
  • Threaded or welded seat
  • Flexible wedge (solid wedge for small sizes)
  • Optional stem extension
  • Pressure equalizing
  • By-pass connection
  • Oxygen & Chlorine Clearing & Packaging


A OPERATION: hand wheel, bevel gear, motorized actuator and pneumatic actuator available for specific application.

B PACKING LOAD: standard bolted packing load or live load with Belleville springs for application requiring frequent cycling o with high temperature and pressure variations.

C OS&Y: outside screw & yoke, yoke integral with bonnet for smaller size, split yoke for bigger size.

D BONNET: standard bonnet bolted, welded bonnet for option.

E END CONNECTION: flange (RF, RTJ) o Butt-weld

F YOKE SLEEVE: Extra-long thread engagement between yoke sleeve and stem provide long thread life. Valves of sizes larger than 150Lb-12″, 300Lb-10″,600Lb-6″,900Lb/1500Lb/2500Lb-4″are regularly provided with roll bearing yokes.

G PACKING: lantern ring and double packing stack is available for critical service.

H BODY-BONNET JOINT: flat face gasket joint for 150lb valves; male and female joint for 300lb & 600lb; ring joint for 900lb & higher

I STEM: all wedge gate valves are provided with forged T-head stem

J WEDGE: available in flexible, solid & split wedge.

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